Logan Miller entry 6

November 10th 2013

topic: Philippines 


synopsis: this is a very new article that is talking about a recent typhoon that has hit and created situations that might be some of the worst all time.

Analysis: The title of this article is “Worse than Hell.” that title was taken from a lady that was interviewed in the Philippines. It is being said that there has been 10,000 deaths total cause by this storm. Hospitals are having to turn people in need away and they are also running out of medical supplies that their current patients need. In Bogo, a city located in the central Philippines, electricity has been knocked out and it is said that the electricity is going to be out for at least for a couple of months. The hardest thing I found with this entire situation is that the back up groups of people that were put in place if something like this were to ever happen can not help because they are not able to make contact with people in a lot of areas due to the storm. Having brought all of these troubles of the Philippines to light, I feel as though they deserve help from other countries that can provide it. Whether or not a country has a problem with one another should not be a reason to not help innocent citizens that are helplessly dying daily because of this storm. There has not been one person that a reporter has talked to that has not had a loss of a family member. They deserve help immediately.


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