Andrew Norman Blog Entry #3

The Articles of Confederation

The Government Shutdown

This article focused on US Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker’s statement that the US Government Shutdown’s ramifications are just beginning to reach the private sector. To support this statement, BBC cited that Lockheed Martin, one of the largest defense firms and the manufacturer of the F-22 Raptor and f-35 Lightning, is about to dismiss 3000 employees on unpaid leave. United Technologies will also temporarily dismiss 2000 employees. In response, worldwide concerns found a voice in Philippine President Benigno Aquino as he stated that what happens in the US, “effects us all” as the US continues to stand as the center of the world economy. 

Overall the shutdown has continued as one would expect; it is no surprise that defense and technology firms with heavy ties to the US military would be the first to suffer. As terrible as it is to watch thousands of people to lose their income, I cannot help but feel fascinated to see just how far the US has delved into the military industrial complex. Unless the government manages to put aside their childish differences and at least try to cooperate, the coming will become an experiment to see what the US economy can and cannot do in the absence of a regulator. What will be even more fascinating will be the people’s changed or perhaps unchanged view of fiscal responsibility. 


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