Matt Kelly Entry 6

Synopsis: This Article talks about how winds of over 150 mph and sea waves over 20 feet devastated Tacloban Philippines, home of 200,000 people.

Analysis: City Administrator Tescon Lim said the death toll could climb to 10,000 people, this obviously the biggest concern for the city. Due to this storm adding up to the strength of a category 5 hurricane, all essentials of modern living have been cut off. This includes power, gas stations wiped out, no way of communicating, and no transportation options. President Benigno Aquino who flew into Tacloban on Sunday to see the level of devastation and said the governments main focus was to restore power and communication enough to allow for relief and assistance to victims. The Philppines as a country is not fortunate enough to deal with a natural disaster of this level by themselves, the United States and other governments are preparing a relief effort. In terms of Philinppine government reaching out for help, defense secretary Chuck Hagel asked for U.S Pacific command to send aircrafts and ships in effort to maintain multiple search and rescue operations. Other relief efforts include, European Commision Jose Manuel Barroso sending a team to provide a helping hand for the Philippine authorities. If the death toll is as expected, it will be the largest natural disaster to ever hit the Philippines.


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