RJ, Entry #8


President Obama and John Boehner held two separate meetings to shoot down each others reductions plans so the nation can pay its debt quicker on national TV since they failed to come to an agreement. Obama’s reasoning was the Republican party refusing to agree to raise taxes. On Monday the house and senate came to a conclusion to raise the debt ceiling. Boehner proposed a 3 trillion dollar plan for the nation to pay its debts back but doesnt have any support, then Harry Reid proposed a plan and has the support of his own party but has to convince the Republican Party.

I think that we are in debt because we can’t be mature and see past the party titles, if they could stop looking at each situation because it doesn’t describe their party. They just need to think about the nation as a whole instead of 2 different parties. This could easily be resolved of they would listen to each other instead of being selfish.


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