Evan Finley Blog entry #6

Evan Finley Blog entry #6

This article is about President Obama’s recent approval ratings. Obama’s overall job approval rating took a 14 point slide from where he stood last December, and this might be from the recent Healthcare.gov malfunction and the state of the economy. From the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, 41% of those polled approve of Obama’s job performance while 65% disapprove specifically of his handling of the economy. Obama’s approval ratings are slightly higher than George W. Bush’s at the same point, but they are much lower than Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan’s, which were both above 50%.


Analysis: Obama’s recent approval ratings make sense knowing the situation he has been in with the health care website goofs, and because Obama has been a very critiqued President so far. His approval ratings don’t mean much because he is not up for re-election, but its still good to see where people stand. With such an important and publicized job like being president, approval ratings can change quickly with some event. The significance of these statistics is nothing for President Obama to worry about, and frankly don’t matter.


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