Lauran Corbin entry #9, the news room

Lauran Corbin entry #9, the news room

I believe when Will says America isn’t the greatest country hes correct. Especially when he says it used to be. Hes absolutely correct. I feel like America was the greatest country back then but not any more. He gave good points to why it was, We weren’t scared, We stood up for what was right, fought/banned/struct down laws for moral reasons, wasted war on poverty not poor people, we cared about others, put our money where our mouths were, and more! This reminds me of what my grandfather said and what Savvy put in her paper about the American Dream. You know my grandfather put that the American Dream was back then not today because it was better back then, it wasn’t confusing and a unruly like it is today. It used to be inspiring. And i totally back my grandfather up on this and agree with this Will character if i could live in another time period other than today I would.


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