Adam Fenton Entry #8

Adam Fenton Entry #8

Utah Will Not Recognize Same-Sex Marriages Performed Before High Court Stay


Earlier this week a federal judge in Utah ruled that same-sex marriage would now be a legal practice in Utah. In the first seventeen days of this new rule, more than one thousand gay and lesbian couples received long sought after marriage licenses. Then, the Supreme Court put the decision to a stop. State governor’s Chief of Staff Derek Miller has announced that the situation has been put on hold until further notice. It had been originally concluded that a state law banning gay marriage was unconstitutional in the areas of equal protection and due process so hundreds of marriage licenses came piling in, but then the state appealed to the Supreme Court. The issue is currently going through the courts and will be resolved within the next few months. 

It is extremely unfortunate for all Utah gays and lesbians that they were put into a situation where they were tricked into thinking their long-fought battle to legalize marriage was victorious, only for it to be stripped away again. It is time for states to modernize and realize that gay marriage will become legal. The trouble to be caused by this issue going through all of the courts and teasing thousands of homosexuals in Utah is inexplicable, especially when it is almost certain that gay marriage is going to be very widely accepted in the near future. 


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