Lauran Corbin entry #8

Lauran Corbin entry #8

On Wednesday, January 8, Utah governor Gary Herbert announced that they state will not recognize gay marriage. But a month before this gay marriage was allowed, leaving this to be very confusing. Over 1,300 same sex couples have gotten married over the last month since they were technically allowed too. For the couples who have already gotten their changed names on their licenses, and other stuff like that, they wont have it revoked. But for the same sex couples who were going to do such changes are now allowed since its against the law. This also means same sex couples would also be frozen in their tracks if they try to file for taxes jointly or seek family health insurance coverage. Gary Herbert says gay marriage is on hold until further notice. U.S. District Judge Robert Shelby argued that gay marriage ban goes against gay couples constitutional rights. The state is appealing to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, and won a stay on Shelby’s decision earlier this week. The state argued that Shelby’s “unlawful injunction” interferes with Utah’s enforcement of its own laws. 


Okay, you can’t just give the right for gay couples to get married then in a month take it away. Thats just not right or fair. Its like giving a child a toy then the second he starts playing with and enjoying it you take it away from him with no good reason at all. Now does that seem fair? I dont understand why gay couples can’t just have marriages and be treated the same as straight couples. It doesnt make sense their regular people just like everyone else. They shouldn’t be put through so much. This kind of reminds me of how America used to not give black people the same rights as white people just because of the color of their skin. Most of America isn’t giving gay couples the right to get married like straight couples just because of their preferred sex interest. What America is doing is discriminating gay couples. 


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