Lauran Corbin entry 6

Lauran Corbin entry 6

2 students from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington might get expelled for using a handgun to prevent an intruder from entering their campus apartment. These 2 students,  Erik Fagan and Dan McIntosh, were just having a normal night when John Taylor , a convicted felon wanted on an outstanding warrant by Washington State’s Department of Corrections, knocked on their door. Fagan answered and said Taylor was demanding money and was getting furious when Fagan wasn’t giving it to him and tried entering their apartment. Fagan called for his roommate McIntosh, who pulled out his handgun. When Taylor saw the gun he fled the scene. Taylor was later arrested when Fagan and McIntosh filed a report. McIntosh has a concealed weapons permit for his pistol. In the school handbook it says students are not allowed to posses weapons, therefore there facing expulsion.

I understand the student broke the rules and why they might get expelled, but if that one kid didn’t have the gun they might be dead right now. Him having that gun saved their lives, it was protection. Plus he didn’t fire it, he might of if Taylor fought them or something but he didn’t. The students should just get a warning or community service or something. They did nothing bad. Wasn’t like they where using the gun a wrong way.The college should be more civil and humane about this situation. 


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