Tornado and Hurricane all in one

According to Florida highway patrol said that torrential rain in southeastern Alabama and Florida has knocked out bridges, ruined homes,  forced military bases to close and at least one person died. CNN reporter Steve Olensky said, “It was blowing and blowing, the rain was coming. It was just incredible. We’ve been through (hurricanes) Ivan and Katrina, and we’ve never seen anything like this.” In a neighborhood north of Pensacola a near by creek overran its bank and began to flood the local houses forcing people to wait in their attics until rescue life boats arrived. Governor Rick Scott said that the state work crews have made over 200 rescues and declared a state of emergency.

Parts of this region have reached over a foot of rain. In Baldwin county, Alabama local schools were closed because of flooding. In addition to the Florida flooding at least 36 people in the Mississippi and Alabama have died. This terrible storm has caused the closing of roads and has left over 10,000 without power. After the tornado flattened a day care center search and rescue efforts are still being made within a 90 mile radius. All of these states were right to call a state of emergency and make the state aware of what is going on.


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