Mallory Ackerson Blog Post #7

In 2008 the Parr family began to suffer from many health problems. What they didn’t know was the many drilling operations that were occurring near their ranch in Decatur, Texas. Lisa Parr was the first to get ill. She assumed her symptoms were flu related; however as they progressively got worse she knew something else was at fault. In 2009 Lisa’s husband Robert and daughter, Emma also became ill. They suffered from many symptoms ranging from nosebleeds to vision problems. On this past Tuesday, Earth Day, a Dallas jury awarded the Parr family with 2.9 million dollars for personal injury and property damage. It has been released that “Aruba Petroleum had 22 natural gas wells within a 2 mile radius of the Parr’s property.”

This issue of fracking is one that causes much controversy. We need to find new energy sources but this one seems a little dangerous, especially when it is happening so close to residential areas. Decatur, TX is not an urban area at all, but it still has residents. Its crazy to think that this family had no idea the drilling was occurring so close to them and how it was harming their health. The government needs to instill some type of regulations to keep fracking under control.


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