Brett Schmieder Entry #7

     Nuclear detonation, although scientifically provocative and enlightening, are detrimental to the Earth.  Even nuclear testing in space, which occurred during the cold war, forever altered the radiation belt surrounding Earths atmosphere and even cause satellites to malfunction.  As for detonations on land, radiation from tests in New Mexico not only exposed citizens to harmful radiation but left the land tainted and uninhabitable.  Its no mystery why the UN has banned nuclear testing, so when satellites picked up activity within nuclear test sites in North Korea, President Obama immediately condemned North Koreas actions at a press conference in South Korea.  

     Both the USCA and the US-Korea Institute at John Hopkins University picked up increased activity at a North Korean Launch Site last Tuesday.  Speculation about the reason for this activity has hypothesized that its an actual test of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal or it is simply a scare tactic to “prove” that North Korea is a real threat to western powers.  

     On President Obama’s Asian tour, he held a press conference with South Korea’s leader Park Geun-hye.  After giving his condolences about the ferry crash that killed over 300 people, President Obama addressed the North Korean threat.  He said that the U.S. will stand “shoulder-by-shoulder” with South Korea, and “Threats will get North Korea nothing other than greater isolation.”  

The actions by North Korea will further isolate them from international relations and further escalate the tension between the U.S. and her allies, and the DPRK.  Even the threat of nuclear detonation is enough to send international politics into chaos, and if North Korea does decide to detonate a nuclear bomb, violating resolution 1718, the repercussions will be swift and powerful. 



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