Shelby Thornhill- Blog Entry #6


A man, missing for over a year, was found dead in his own home. His badly decomposed body was found under the stairs in a sort of crawlspace when his ex-wife came to clean up the home after the tenants moved out. While the police don’t suspect foul pay, it seems suspicious that many different renters and the man’s ex wife never noticed a literal skeleton in the closet. 

The autopsy is pending, depending on whether or not the ex-wife decides it should be allowed. Should an ex-wife really be in charge of the huge decision as to find out how and when her once-husband died? Autopsies should be required for every death, whether of apparent natural causes, possible drug or substance abuse, or maybe even foul play. Autopsies are only performed for two reasons: suspicion of foul play or a completely unknown cause of death. Maybe they should not be required for every case, but the decision should be up to law enforcement and the coroner’s- not someone who could possibly have something to hide.


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