Morgan McGlothlin – Entry #6

Supreme Court allows more private money in election campaigns


Until now, donors could only donate $123,200 per cycle for election campaigns. Now, the supreme court as ruled that that set number has been eliminated. Now donors could potentially donate millions of dollars to political candidates during elections. 

This causes questions of what free speech in campaigns is. With regulations it levels out the playing field of the political parties. John Boehner believes that if Americans have the freedom to write what they want, donors should have the right to donate what they want. 

There are already trillionaires vouching that they will donate millions to their candidate of choice in the next election. So what does this mean for americans? Even more ads on tv, signs on the side of the highway, and more supporters out on the weekends getting their candidates names out? The presidential election is directly affected by the amount of donor money a candidate has, so it will be interesting to see what this next election will be like. 


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