Blog Entry #5

Everyone has heard lately of the plane that has gone missing in Malaysia. Its been 9 days since the Malaysian Airlines plane went missing while in route to Beijing carrying 239 passengers (including employees). Of these passengers there were 13 different nationalities represented, the United States being one of them with 4 citizens on board. As of today the whereabouts of the plane remain unclear, as well as whether it has crashed or been hijacked. Speculations have began to arise about the Chinese government as well as the safety of the Boeing 777; an aircraft that crashed in San Francisco last summer which happens to be the same aircraft as this one (Flight 377).

I first heard of this tragedy last week when I noticed #PrayForFlight377 trending on twitter. When I researched further I found an article that explained how the Malaysian aircraft had simply “Vanished” in its route to Beijing. The first thing that came to my mind was “How does an aircraft carrying 200 some passengers just vanish without a trace?”. Naturally I was speculative towards the media and their uncanny ability to stretch the truth. But today, nine days later, when I was at the gym and I saw new headlines regarding the disappearance, I knew that it had to be more than a media plight for attention. While I was watching the report one of the questions that came to my mind was, “Why should we care?”. Why should we care what is happening in Malaysia….we have enough things going on in the U.S., do we really need to be using our resources to help them find this missing plane? I didn’t realize until later that there were 4 United States citizens aboard that plane. Thus coming to the conclusion that we were involved because of those four people. I find it amazing that just 4 people can cause an entire nation to send out a search party simply because of where their citizenship lies. In some aspects it makes me feel good about being an American citizen and gives me a sense of patriotism and unity, but on the other hand would it be the same case if the Malaysian plane had not gained so much media coverage? If the Malaysian government had not released that there were 4 U.S. citizens aboard flight 377 would it even be making headlines in our newsrooms today?


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