Morgan McGlothlin – Blog Entry #4

Pope Francis: Church could support civil unions


Pope Francis has reaffirmed the Catholic church’s stance of opposition on gay marriage, no surprise there. But, the Pope may be open to the idea of civil unions, which is huge. Benefits like health care and decisions about your spouse that civil unions allow can be beneficial to the members of said unions. Although Pope Francis isn’t screaming for legalizing gay marriage, he is one of, if not the most, open minded Pope yet. “Last June, Francis famously refused to judge gay priests in comments that ricocheted around the world. He has also said that the church should not ‘interfere’ in the spiritual lives of gays and lesbians.” (CNN)

The First Amendment is widely known for the separation of church and state. The main drive for those who are against same sex marriage is a religious foundation. A law should not be passed, or not passed, because of the religious views of those passing them. There will never be a congress where everyone in it puts their religious views aside, but, we are coming closer and closer to a world that acknowledges others differences and accepts them. If the Pope can be at least a little open minded, I think everyone else can be too.


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