Jacob Rogers, Blog Entry #4

Russia seems to be getting the most publicity in American politics these days. If it isnt their discriminatory laws, its their rash actions and proposed “ignorance’ that is making headlines. This article is about Russia’s threats of engagement against the Ukrain. The article states that a Russian commander boarded a Ukrainian warship and commanded that they “Swear allegiance to the new Crimean authorities, or surrender, or face an attack.” These actions were then denied by a Russian spokesperson who assured that “there are no plans to storm Ukrainian military units in Crimea.” Due to this rash action Russia may be facing “targeted sanctions” from the European Union. But what does this mean for us? Not only does this show the U.S. how unpredictable Russia can be but also the corruption within its government. When reading further on into thearticle we see that Russia is now tryng to pass laws that make it acceptable to commit the things in which they are being speculated for. With the U.S. and Russia both being one of the worlds ” 7 most industrialized powers”, it is imperative that we take a stance on Russia’s actions before they get out of control. It is no longer enough to remain nuetral.




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