Mallory Ackerson Blog #3

In Kiev, Ukraine, a confrontation between police and anti-government protesters left the capital’s Central Square in flames and 21 people confirmed dead. President Viktor Yanukovych and opposing leader Vitali Klitschko met Tuesday. Their meeting was not successful and did not produce any type of agreement. Yanukoyych told Klitschko to “stop the standoff.” The president also accused the protesters of having weapons. Klitschko urged the president to pull back the police because innocent people were being killed. He also explained that it would be nearly impossible to negotiate while his people were being killed. It’s unclear if explosions came from protesters or from police. Protesters created chain lines passing projectiles to the front. They also created barricades against the police. Just after midnight Ukraine security forces advanced on protesters using water cannons and stun grenades; protesters responded by throwing projectiles. Over 40 police officers were injured and nine were left dead after this conflict. This is just one of many outbreaks over the past few months. The country is deciding its future and what country to ally itself with, Russia or Europe. Violence is spreading out of the capitol and into the west. Protesters are beginning to attack police and government officials around other parts of Ukraine. This incident was followed by a call from Vice President Joe Biden who showed “grave concern.” The White House stated, “The vice president made clear that the United States condemns violence by any side, but that the government bears special responsibility to de-escalate the situation.”

Ukraine has been dealing with violence over their country’s future for the past few months. There have been multiple acts of violence, this one being towards the larger end. It is interesting that the U.S. is so concerned. It makes sense considering people are being killed. However, it seems that at times the government is more concerned about what is going on outside of our country and care less about what people are dealing with in America everyday. This goes back to the video we watched and wrote our first blog about answering the question, what makes America the best country? We seem to like settling other countries turmoil opposed to fixing issues that are here. Another thing that really stood out was the fact that the president refused to call off his police even though it seemed that the police provoked the “attack” and started the killing.  It was also interesting that the president really didn’t seem all too interested in ending the fighting. The leader of the protesters was willing to negotiate after the president’s police were called off, but the president refused. The opposing leader seemed to be willing to make some progress in coming to an agreement but the president didn’t seem want that. It seems that as the president of a country one would want there to be no fighting or violence in his or her land. It leads some to question if there is another reason for the president not wanting to end the violence. 


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