Tim Bartz, Entry #9

    It takes intelligence and skill to answer a question in a witty and accurate format in front of millions of people without any preparation. It takes guts to answer that same question knowing that there are only a few people out of those millions who would agree with your statement. Sometimes controversy is avoidable, however that does not mean we should just take “no” or even “yes” as the answer. Progress, success, and happiness are not achieved by acting upon the opinions of others, but standing up for the code which we truly believe will benefit ourselves and society. 

      If I was in Will’s position, I do not know if I could sum up the courage to completely disregard the patriotism so many Americans have come to embrace. But I respect his ability to recognize a problem (on a national scale) even if it meant the loss of key supporters and/or friends. Will understands that the interview is strictly a means for publicity, but he takes the opportunity to break the social stigma and make his voice heard as opposed to falling into line with the other newsroom “puppets.” Will has a code just like everyone else, yet he unlike so many, chose to stand by it! 

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