Julia Robinson, Entry #9

Newsroom Response: 


Although I agree with the controversial argument that America has passed its prime and may no longer be the best country in the world, it is hard to say considering I’ve only had 18 years of exposure to America and the changes that we’ve experienced. When kids grow up they tend to adapt to the beliefs that they are raised around. So if a generation is raised with the idea that America is the best country in the world with the most potential, they will grow to be a close minded generation. Although we all have our beliefs, having the ability to hear others opinions and take them into consideration is crucial. It is evident in this video clip that the audience was taken by surprise by his Will’s response, and some rejected his opinion. But we must take into consideration how other countries deal with similar social and economical issues that we do in America. The way we react to how other countries  deal with the controversial issues that we do will ultimately depend on the individual beliefs of every citizen. Maintaining an open mind when debating whether America is the best country in the world is key. Although I do not believe that America is the best, I do believe it has the potential to be, just like many other evolving countries.  


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