Jonathon Finley Blog Post #9

January 12, 2014

Response to the Movie Clip:

  A few days ago we watched a clip from the “NewsRoom” where several political questions were being asked. The clip really focused its attention at the point when the question “Why is America the best?” was stated. Words like freedom and such were mentioned, but when it became Jeff Daniel’s turn to answer he decided to follow the advice of the white board in the crowd and state that it isn’t the best country in the world. Daniels’ rambles off the statistics for where the U.S. stands in education and crime and that the U.S. is definitely not on the top of the list for several things. This answer stunned everyone in the gym as they thought the typical answer of why the U.S. is the best country would have been said.

  Personally I have to agree. Citizens will always contain that sense of nationalism for their country no matter where they reside. There are many patriotic Americans out there that just plain love our country. That is perfectly fine as I love our country greatly, but sometimes we have to know when to admit that we are falling behind. The two main things that the U.S. remains on top in would be having the largest national debt in the world and having our outstanding military. Our military is something that we can really beam at because the technology and training they perform is astonishing. Americans may need to take our pride down a notch until we figure out how to get back into the running on education. Signs are showing that test scores are dropping in certain areas and this cannot happen if we want to contain this pride that every American boasts. We have some tweaking that needs to be done to certain areas of the country, but that won’t stop me from flying the stars and stripes. It is still my home country and the freedom we are able to pursue here is great and truly like no other country. That’s what makes  the U.S. stand apart from the others and probably where most Americans get their pride from. Minor changes to our education system can put us back on top and with the subject of crime is always an issue. You won’t stop crime, but you can severely diminish the percentages. America has a little work needed in some areas, but you cannot find this American soil anywhere else which still technically makes us the best country in the world in its own little way.



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