Olivia Orme, Entry #9


Newsroom Response:

Looking back on my life so far, I don’t often feel the same way as many of my family members do when they talk about previous leaders of our great nation. The spark and excitement is there as they remember the elections, the victories, and the difference politicians made to the people of this ‘great’ nation, isn’t the same for me. Perhaps it is because I am not able to vote yet, and cannot truly connect until I reach that age, or perhaps it is because the leaders of our ‘great’ nation have not impacted me in the same way because America is not the best country in the world as it once was. While I love my country, and take great pride in being apart of this nation, I have my doubts in our government systems as we continue to follow a path leading to more economic problems and fewer solutions. Both parties inability to set aside the boxing gloves and agree on topics of debate is a problem that is especially touched on in the clip, and is a large issue we face today as neither side is able to meet in the middle. This nation used to be somewhere everyone wanted to be, but now we’ve fallen in the ranks because we aren’t able to agree with one another anymore. The numbers and statistics are reflecting the millions of people falling behind, but America does have the opportunity to climb back up to the top, if politicians are able to step aside for a moment and look at the bigger picture, instead of fighting so hard against each other. The truth is, the eight minute clip reflects exactly what electoral debates look like, but Will says what no one else has the courage to. We are slipping and falling, but under the right leadership, maybe we can improve and perhaps try to become the best nation in the world. All it takes is change and truth, and who knows where it could lead. Maybe a few years from now, I can think of a great political leader like so many others, and admire the way they have changed my country for the better. Newsroom says the truth of what has become of our country, and really gets to the heart and soul of what we need to resolve, in order to build for a better future.


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