Logan Miller blog post 8


synopsis: 17 year old found dead in school’s gym rolled in a mat.

Analysis: Kendrick Johnsons, a 17 year old high school student was found dead wrapped in a wrestling mat and his death was said to be accidental when he was reaching for a shoe. His family did not accept that outcome from the police department and requested that the FBI do further investigation. In the original investigation no camera tapes were requested which is a simple way to see how Kendrick ended up where he did. The family deserves to know the real reason how their son died as does anyone else who could be in this situation. In any death, handling that type of loss is already hard as it is, and then not receiving the justice they deserve make everything worse. The Lowndes County Sheriff’s department failed to do their job which caused the FBI to step in rightfully so. The family should continue to protest until they get the information on how their son died.


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