Juliet Zhu, Entry #9


reflection on the opening scene of the newsroom

   In the clip we watched during class, the main person Will did not clarify which party he belongs to and he voted for both major parties before. Nowadays, we need politicians and voters like him who are moderate and are able to work with two parties. I agree what he said about first way to solve a problem is to recognize there is one. In Will’s view, America is no longer the greatest country in the world. But in my personal opinion, American is still a great country in the world. America does have freedom. Even though 180 of 207 countries have freedom, America was built on freedom. America still fights for moral reasons. For example, the United States played a role as international police in the case of Syria. To avoid more innocence people get hurt, the United States and UN destroyed the nuclear weapon in Syria. It showed that America still fights for moral reasons. America still cares about people, especially poor people. For instance, the Obamacare helped low income people can afford their health cares. Sure there are problems in the country, but every country has its own problems. If we solves the problems we are facing such as create more jobs, lower the number of  crimes, I am sure America would be a better country. We still need to be optimism about the country. I believe America is still the one greatest countries in the world.




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