Evan Finley Entry #9

In the scene from Newsroom, the character talks about how The United States is not the best country in the world. This brings up the idea of a fixed or growth mindset. When people believe that the US is the best it creates a fixed mindset. It creates citizens to think that nothing is better than the US right now, when so much has changed and happened to get to here. When you believe you live in the best country in the world, you can become close minded and lose sight of what is best for the country. The United States should have a growth mindset instead so that we can progress. If we know we aren’t the best then we will stride to be the best, but when you think you are already the best it becomes hard to stay motivated. The main character realizes the reality of the US, and this creates a growth mindset which is where the US needs to be to progress and to maybe get back to the title of best country in the world, but really there is no best country in the world. 


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