Chris Ross Blog Post #9

The Newsroom

Summary: The video was of a questionnaire that was being held at a college. The people being questioned were obviously the members of the newscast on the show “The Newsroom”. Questions were thrown around that involved political alignment and things of that sort. But then the question “Why is America the greatest country in the world?”, obviously the least controversial, and most patriotic way to answer is by agreeing, and Jeff Daniels went along with that. But encouraged by a woman with a whiteboard sitting in the back of the crowd, he decided to go against the crowd and say that America is not the greatest country in the world, but that it used to be. Daniels backed his argument with a temper, and several pieces of evidence, making for a tough argument to counter. 

Analysis: While I do not doubt his patriotism, I disagree with the idea that the United States is not the greatest country in the world. While we may not have the healthiest economy, or healthiest pool of citizens, we have more freedom than anywhere else in the world. Daniels said that other places like Canada, Japan, and the UK are all just as free as us, well I disagree. Canada, the UK, and Japan are all still under the rule of a Monarch. I know that a monarch in today’s world has basically no political power, why should citizens pay taxes for someone that does nothing, why should taxpayer dollars pay for something like maintaining Buckingham palace and the lifestyle of the royal family. While our government has strayed from our core values in the past the people of this country are what make it free, we have a say in almost everything. And people are barely allowed to have guns in the UK, that doesn’t scream freedom. 


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