Nick Kulick #9: Newsroom Response

January 9, 2014


One of the most significant parts of the newsroom clip was when a woman held up a sign that said America was not the greatest country in the world, but “it could be.” While I believe America is a remarkable nation, I also believe it is impossible to determine an individual “greatest country.” I do, however, support the notion of America striving to be better instead of simply proclaiming itself the greatest. Many of the the nation’s greatest milestones have been achieved in a time were most people did not believe America was the greatest nation in the world. One example of this is the founding of the nation. The founding fathers took it upon themselves to form a “more perfect Union” and this has resulted in the strong, robust foundation of the United States democracy. Another example is Kennedy proclaiming the America would go to the moon during the Sputnik Crisis, when many Americans believed that their Nation had fallen off track with the Soviets in terms of science, technology and engineering. Ultimately these examples show that there is not a greatest nation, but there is always one innovating more than the others, and perhaps that is a more important, defining characteristic of a nation.


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