Nick Kulick #8: Rand Paul’s Snowden Apologia

January 9, 2013


This article describes the relationship between Rand Paul, his potential run for the Presidency and Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks. Paul argued that Snowden should receive leniency in his sentencing should he return to the United States and put on trial. Paul does not believe that Snowden should receive the death sentence or life in jail, but acknowledges that what Snowden did was wrong and compromised national security. However, Paul also said that the courts have found that the information in Snowden’s leaks reveal that some of the United States’ government spying programs are unconstitutional or, at the very least, illegal.

This article is significant because Paul has made no secret about his potential run for the Presidency. The article points out that instead of Paul pleading leniency, he should be sounding more like a Commander in Chief. While the United States’ spying programs are likely illegal, Paul fails to mention the significance of the damage Snowden’s leaks have had on National Security. And while there were several other options that Snowden could have used to counter the spying programs (such as appearing before Congress’s Intelligence Committee) he chose to leak the information and flee the country. Paul fails to point this out when addressing the matter, which does not help his potential Presidency.


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