Grant Salley Entry #9 :( Diggity

The clip from “Newsroom” was moving and striking. The whole speech was exactly the opposite of what both the audience in the show as well as the viewers of the the show were expecting to hear from the character. I found that the most interesting and the most shocking part of the speech was the facts that he used to back up his assertion that the United States was the not the greatest country in the world. These facts were the international standings of the Untied States in categories such as literacy, math,life expectancy, and infant mortality. Almost all American citizens don’t bother to look up these figures and rather they assume that we are high up on these standings. When put in front of the viewer these figures attribute significantly to his argument. I was so shocked by our standings that I looked them up to verify what he said, he was correct. I know have a much different outlook on our nation and wonder where all of our tax money goes if our standings in health care and education are so low compared to the rest of the world. This clip was eye opening and changed the way I viewed my native country.


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