Evan Finley blog #8

Evan Finley blog #8

Summery: The article I read is about  former Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ new book, and the reaction that it has caused. It talks about how Gates was on the “team of rivals” which was a group of members of the opposite party put together for the President. the article goes on to talk about Gates’ and Biden’s bad relationship and on how Obama feels about the war and the troops.The article is just about Gates’ book and its reactions and significance to today.

The thing i found most interesting about this article is the topic of the “team of rivals.” I had no idea that the “team of rivals” was a thing, but it makes a lot of sense why. In a situation when dealing with military action and international affairs, it is important to not be surrounded by “yes men.” “Yes men” are people who will say yes to anything just so they appear to be on the same page or don’t want to seem of opposition of such a powerful world leader like the President. The “team of rivals” allows for alternate thinking and creates a situation where the president has more people to listen to. It tries to ensure that the best thing to do will be the thing that happens because of the many different voices and opinions that will come out. This reminds me of when we were conducting the assignment with the United States University. We all agreed that we wanted balance and many different ways of thinking in our members as a whole. It is important to not always listen to who you want to because they will sometimes tell you want you want to hear, but when you allow opposite or alternate views and opinions it allows different ideas and different ways to solve a problem, and may end up saving many lives. It is just ensuring to know that in military affairs that not only one side of thinking is doing the decision making, but instead a mixed group with many voices


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