Brantley Lawson Blog Post #9

Newsroom Response

While Will does make a compelling argument in this introduction into the show “Newsroom”, albeit through gratuitous swearing, I am not sure that I am completely convinced by what he says. While I am not arrogant enough to think, or ignorant enough to truly believe that old glory reigns supreme over the entire pantheon of super powers, I do not think that we are irreversibly damaged, or coated in filth as Will seems to portray America. The criticisms he raises are genuine and indeed have merit, however, one must consider whether being number one in all of those categories really has any meaning. Of course mediocrity and ignorance ought to be sought and destroyed within the confines of our borders but seeing as we are a government by the people, for the people, it doesn’t seem to make sense perusing these various rankings. After all, being a democracy at its roots is all about ensuring fairness and working towards the interests of everyone and individuals areas or people. So while I agree with Will in that there is certainly room for improvement, I disagree in that we are crippled by too high esteem and blinded by our own arrogance. rather I believe that America ought to focus on what doing what we do best, that is, being American. America is after all a melting pot and similar to our demographics, our politics and culture have a tendency to morph over time and oftentimes, for the better of us all. Therefore, do what you enjoy and do it the best that you can, and from every mountainside, let freedom ring.      


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