Adam Fenton Entry #9

Response to Newsroom


It is difficult to connect with Will’s idea of America being past its prime and former excellence when you have only been alive for seventeen years, but it is pretty clear that many of our nation’s leaders do not make decisions based on the same thoughtful and moral code that leaders in the past did. We have thousands of troops dying in wars that do not require our presence, and restrict citizens’ rights based off of their sexuality. Our political parties are pitted against each other and care more about votes than reshaping the country, and divide our voters two. Leaders of the government are too immature to reach a compromise and settle with temporarily shutting down their functions.

Whether it was inappropriate or not for Will to tear down our proud country, his response was instigated by the host. He remembered a day before U.S. corruption when it truly was the greatest country in the world, but knows to recognize that authorities have moved away from the same upstanding decisions they used to make. From the mysterious woman in the crowd that he imagined, it is clear that he has hopes that America does have the capability to return to its former stature.



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