Juliet Zhu, Blog Entry #8


Judge rules Chicago gun ban is unconstitutional



    On Monday January 6th, a federal judge ruled that Chicago’s ban is unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Edmond Chang said that citizens have the rights to bear arms. However, Chang thought Chicago’s ordinance goes too far. He believed that the flat ban on legitimate sales and transfers does not fit closely with the goals to minimize the access of criminals to firearms to track the ownership of firearms. According to FBI’s latest annual crime, Chicago, which had 500 homicides in 2012, has the biggest increasing rate. However, Chicago still does not have the most homicides. Flint, Michigan has the most homicides for every 1613 residents.


  Forbidden citizens buying arms is unconstitutional in Chicago’s case. According to the Second Amendment, people have their rights to bear arms. However, the controversy in this case is that some people think the ordinance goes too far. Do not allow people to buy arms would not help to minimize criminals took place. With Statistics records, the number of homicides in Chicago has increased significantly in the past few years. Some liberals may concluded that it is government’s job to lower the number of homicides. It is government’s duty to forbidden people from buying arms. However, some conservatives may say that it is individuals own problems. People who have mentally illness and homicides are individual and different from normal people. Government should not and does not have the rights to forbidden everyone from buying arms.


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