Olivia Orme, Entry #8


Budget deal aims to avert another shutdown


The fear brought by the recent government shutdown still lingers, and with the October deal that restarted the government about to expire in the new year, a proposal was created by Paul Ryan and Patty Murray to avoid another shut down and reach a compromise between the parties. The agreement is hopefully going to cut the deficit, set a government spending limit, and set more spending cuts going into 2014. This is the first set in bipartisan cooperation and ensures the country doesn’t continue moving from problem to problem that won’t go away. While it doesn’t include everything that both parties want, it is a solid first step in repairing the economy and solving the strong disagreements between the parties. This agreement is different compared to previous budget agreements, and both sides are concerned about the new changes. Ryan and Murray have also been creating a sequester for the upcoming year that sets spending levels and a new round of government cuts. The pressure to get the agreement approved is building, since the House goes into recess this week and the Senate next week, but doesn’t large issues that still need to be addressed. But according to Paul and Murray, “The agreement saves $85 billion while eliminating $63 billion in forced spending cuts to the military and other programs to achieve total deficit reduction of $23 billion.” The agreement is only the first step in the process that will change our country, and hopefully place it back on track.

The agreement seems to be a solid starting point in repairing the economy, and hopefully the country, that will end the constant arguments between the parties. The agreement might not cover all the specific bases that both sides want, but revisions can be made later after the holidays. To avoid another shutdown, this agreement needs to be approved, so the nation doesn’t face another crisis that pushes us further into debt. The country needs to move forward, and the constant disagreements aren’t doing anything to benefit the people. Both parties need to set aside differences and agree on this first step, that way we can continue to build our nation back up and repay our debt. We can no longer avoid the growing issues, and the government can’t avoid coming up with solutions to the problems: they have to, for the sake of our country.


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