Brantley Lawson #8

Judicial Branch

Women Still Largely Absent From Corporate Boards

Synopsis: Recently, women’s advocacy have shown disdain for the current figures of women who currently preside over a board of directors or occupy a senior executive seat in large corporations. Catalyst, a women’s advocacy surveying group tells of stagnant numbers of 15% in senior executive positions, and 17% of female board members, they say these numbers have not budged in approximately five years. Gillis, a correspondant calls these numbers “embarrassing” saying that there is no reason women ought to be shut out of the top spots in corporations. They also claim companies with women as executives have higher revenues but fail to provide any sound statistical information on this claim.

Opinion: Ever since I was young women advocacy groups have seemingly always been yelling about something. I agree that women are equal and deserve to be treated as such in the workplace but the forgone conclusion that these advocacy groups consistently fail to pick up on is that this matriculation of women into the executive world will not happen overnight. In the current system there is no law that encourages sexist dogmas against women, rather the reason this rate has remained stagnant is because of the low turnover rate for executive positions. Executive officers of companies make good money and work on a schedule they oftentimes set, therefore, opportunities for such jobs are far and few in between. Thus, it will take quite some time for boards and executive officers to be split 50-50. Executive positions must be worked up to and this leveling out will not happen today, tomorrow, or the next day, so for groups such as Catalyst I ask that you kindly calm down and stop making much ado over nothing.    


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