Julia Robinson, Entry #8

December 9, 2013

Article: Congressman urges Republican colleagues to reject gay candidates 

Source: http://www.msnbc.com/the-last-word/gop-rep-no-money-gay-candidates

Summary: Virginia Congressman, Randy Forbes, has recently told the National Republican Congressional Committee to decline support for openly gay candidates. Forbes has been fighting against gay rights for the past few years. His most recent argument has been publicized as it has affected two openly gay candidates that are campaigning for 2014, Richard Tisei and Carl DeMaio. While Forbes is against supporting gay candidates, other political figures such as John Boehner believe that they should support gay Republican congressional candidates. The issue that is raised is whether current political figures should judge candidates on their personal life choices or should they just focus on how strong and effective each candidate is politically. 

Analysis: It is evident that LGBT rights is currently a very hot topic in America. So when political figures speak their minds such as Randy Forbes has done, the issue ends up on every headline. Although I understand that everyone has varying beliefs, I find it un-American to judge a candidate based on his personal life choices such as loving someone of the same sex. Society is seeking out the strongest and most forward thinking candidates to lead the country, which is why we should judge a candidate on their political life. It will be interesting to see how America continues to react to Forbes’ stance regarding which candidates should receive support from their political party. 


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