Matt Kelly #7

Illinois bishop plans gay-marriage exorcism

Summary: When Pat Quinn agrees upon the gay marriage bill, It will be at the same time ask Bishop Paprocki will be having an exorcism, “for the reparation of the sin gay marriage.” This is being done in effort to follow the popes original order. The countries legalization of same sex marriage according to pope Francis, is “a move of fathers of lies who wishes to confuse and deceive the children of god.” This exorcism is taking place to help come to realization of the evil and sin that has entered our country, according to Bishop Paprocki. The Catholic church is making it very clear that they have always believed that same sex marriage has always come from the devil and should be treated accordingly.

Analysis: It is definitely interesting to see how much a role religion plays on big time social issues in todays society. In terms of taking something to the extreme side to stand up for what the bible states, is something to not if you’re pro gay marriage. This two sided controversy of gay marriage is an issue which seems like as a nation we will never come to a conclusion, much like abortion. With a bishop personally bringing the devil into a social issue just adds more conflict between the pro and con sides.


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