Grant Salley Blog post # 7

The article that I read is an insight on the current deal that the P5+1 countries have reached with Iran over nuclear ambitions of the country. Iran’s nuclear capabilities have long been hindered by the United Nations. The deal is to last six months and allow Iran to produce enriched uranium but not enough to produce a nuclear weapon; also the deal will allow some of Iran’s international assets to be unfrozen which would supplement the nations economy with 1.3 billion dollars. Israel has objected to this deal because Iran’s past hatred of Israel and comments made by Iranian officials during the recent conferences calling Israeli officials “less than human.” Canada refused to be a part of this deal because they believe the Iranian government to be untrustworthy and will not supplement any nuclear activity in the country. Even though there is opposition to it on Capital Hill the agreement that has been in the making for 10 years will most likely be signed into effect soon.

I believe that we should not be allowing or encouraging any nuclear activity in Iran because of their past aggression toward the West as well as Israel. Even though the nuclear activity that is being allowed is strictly for power purposes i believe that it will turn into something more sinister if we allow a start to the enrichment of uranium. Also i believe that the unfreezing of funds for Iran will just lead to more military action and buildup in the country. The United Nations should police these funds and see that they are distributed to help the people directly and go to places in the country  where they can do the most good. I am opposed to this agreement with iran over the enrichment of uranium there as well as the unchecked surplus of funds to their government.


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