Chris Ross #7

Summary: The California State Legislature will apparently consider tightening legislation on imitation firearms; this will include things like BB and air soft guns. This is in reaction to the death of a 13 year old boy who was shot dead by a Sonoma county Sheriff’s deputy while carrying a BB gun that resembled an Assault Rifle. Proposed legislation focuses on a ban of manufacture and sale of such toys in the State, unless they meet a certain color code. The article mainly focuses on the proposed legislation that has surprisingly garnered decent support from around the state. 

Analysis: I can’t really say that I am surprised, this is California. However it does shock me that the boy was killed by a Police officer. Was the kid not questioned, but just shot at the first sight of a gun? While the legislation that may pass in California is ridiculous in its own right, the fact that a Police officer would gun down a 13 year old kid is even more so. This isn’t a 2nd amendment issue,  but a common sense one. The BB gun was not why that young man died, he died because he was shot 7 times by a Sheriff’s deputy, who never even questioned the kid. Hopefully California lawmakers will realize it wasn’t the toy, but rather somebody on the State’s payroll. 


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