Juliet Zhu, entry #7


Utah town forgets to hold elections


current unit: executive branch


   In early November, in the Wasatch County mountain town of Wallsburg in Utah State, the new city employee forgot to hold the votes. When he realized the fact he has forgotten to deal with the votes, it was too late for him have the vote for the November 5th election deadline. There are no advertisements, and Wallsburg is never prepared for the election. That is the reason that no one signed up. Mayor and council will be appointed by the people for another two years until the people elect in 2015. This is not the only time that Utah forgets to hold election. The same thing happened two years ago. They current mayor and council members were rep pointed for two years when it happened in 2011 automatically. 


   Under the current electoral college system, people become less motivative to vote. Because even though they voted, the votes may still not matter. For example, people who voted for the third party candidates would be disappointed because their votes could not change a thing. It is still extremely unlikely for third party candidates to win 270 electoral college vote in order to be elected as the presidents. Under the winner-win-all system, voters turnout has been decreasing since republicans votes does not count in a demarcate party state, vice-versa. Majority voters may be disappointed as well. For instance, Al Gore won the popular vote in the 2000 election, but he still lost the election because Bush won the electoral college vote. The outcome disappointed majority of Americans. There are less and less voters during elections. That is the reason that people dont pay huge attention to the election. Wllsburg’s new city employee forgot to hold the election because he did not care about the coming  election. Another reason that he forgot to hold the election is that presidential candidates only gives out speeches to big city so that they could get more votes. Small towns like Wallsburg did not get that much attention from candidates. No wonder how the new city employee forgot to hold the election. 













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