Julia Robinson, Entry #7

November 24, 2013

Article: In rural Kentucky, health-care debate takes back seat as the long-unisured line up


Summary: Not many would have suspected that the President’s new health care system would be so popular in such a red state such as Kentucky. But as more and more individuals and families are discovering the tremendous benefits of Obamacare, people are continuing to sign up with little persuasion. Courtney Lively describes her job as, “nonstop,” as she is constantly signing up minimum wage workers for the new health care system. When asked to describe the area that she works in, Lively simply said that it’s, “Poor.. Just poor.”  Whether it’s a 60 year old man that had never had health insurance, or a mother of 11 children that just can’t afford it for her family, Lively proves to be a savior for many citizens in this poor area. 

Analysis: It is a bit of a shock to see this big of a support for the new health care system in such a red state. Although it comes as a surprise, it is also reassuring to see individuals overcome their differences and lack of support for Obamacare. All the people mentioned in the article are obviously in need of a new system that will benefit them even when they’ve hit the bottom; and Obamacare has resolved a majority of these issues. Although many people are still against the President’s new health care plan, this system has ultimately brought American’s closer in that it has forced people to set aside their opposing beliefs and join a system that is open to helping as many as it can. As Lively continues to help those that can’t help themselves, hopefully the country will begin to shift and accept new laws and policies with open arms that are simply made to help those who need it most. 


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