Jessica Crew Entry #7


This article basically says that in 1957 the U.S. started a nuclear program with Iran and was backing them in developing its nuclear power program but eventually the U.S. pulled their support during the Islamic Revolution.  Ever since the revolution the West had been worried that it would use its nuclear program to make atomic weapons.  The idea of the deal is to slow the country’s nuclear development in exchange for lifting some sanctions until a final agreement is worked out.  France, UK, Russia, China, and Germany are all also a part of this deal with Iran.  If Iran holds up their end of the deal they will receive billions of dollars.


I believe that the only way this deal with come of success is if Iran is closely monitored throughout by the United Nations and that the United Nations should be given open access to everything that has to do with Iran’s nuclear program.  In order to insure that there is no deceit, coercion, or manipulation by Iran’s government.  With this said we must remember that historically there have been opinions made stating that Iran had other weapons of mass destruction that were never found and I believe that to achieve this goal we all need to be on the same page and have open communication by all parties.


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