Brantley Lawson # 7

Judicial Branch 11/24/13

Filibuster Vote Marks Escalation In D.C.’s Partisan Wars

Synopsis: Under the Obama administration, GOP filibusters have skyrocketed on federal nominees. Democrats argue that this is an absurd attempt to neutralize the current executive, thus they changed the rules on filibusters such that only a simple majority rather than a super majority is necessary to to make a nominee go to a full floor vote. This bill obviously favors the president Obama and the democrats who currently hold the majority in the senate, and while this so called “nuclear option” has been a threat of both parties since 1990, no one really knows how this will actually play out now that it has occurred.

Opinion: If you thought the polarized days of political standoffs peaked in the government shutdown and has since diminished, I’m afraid you’d be wrong. While the government has since re-opened its doors, the congress floor has not made much progress in working together, if any. This “nuclear option” is nothing more than a glorified gag bill that essentially eliminates the filibuster as the sole weapon of the minority party, and cuts into the democratic concept of majority rule with minority rights. This bill quite clearly illustrates the attitudes of politicians on capitol hill today. The Democrats would rather silence the Republicans than work with them to negotiate deals or propose a candidate that is moderate enough for the Republicans to swallow. I offer my personal congratulations to senator Harry Reid for polarizing congress for the foreseeable future, as I would expect retribution on Democrats in the house of representatives, and a slew of highly liberal appointees from Obama, thus further driving the division between Republicans and Democrats even deeper than I previously though possible. The fact that the parties would rather gag each other than work with one another disgusts me and makes me sick that these men represent me. I hope camaraderie, respect, and pragmatism return to congress some day, but until then the only appropriate phrase for our previously functional democracy is sic transit gloria mundi.   


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