Lauran Corbin Entry 7

Lauran Corbin Entry 7

 Jacob Green, a junior at Millennium High School in Goodyear, Arizona got suspended for getting into a fight over the confederate flag on his truck. Jacob Green says the other student fought him, he didn’t fight back, and that he had done nothing wrong.

 “Open display — bringing it in — it has been proven to be patently offensive to certain groups and the courts recognize that,” Agua Fria Unified School District Superintendent Dennis Runyan told” This was the reason Jacob Green was suspended. Jcob Green said he researched the history of the flag and didn’t find offensive. “The flag means basically more independence, less government. It didn’t mean racism, it didn’t mean slavery, it didn’t mean any of that,” Jason said. “It basically meant what they were fighting for was their right to be independent and not have the government control them.”  The parents of Jacob Green say the student who attacked their son committed a hate crime and are considering filing a police report.


I believe Jacob Green shouldn’t of been so harmfully punished in this situation. He was the victim in the fighting. Some other student deliberately went out of their way and attacked him for having a confederate flag on his truck. If Jacob Green wants to have the confederate flag on his car he shall, freedom of speech. So Jacob did nothing wrong. And it wasn’t like Jacob was shoving the flag into peoples faces and making a huge issue about it, so why would people feel offended? It was innocently just on his truck, if other people had a problem with it, that’s their issue not his. Jacob shouldn’t have to take down his flag and get punished just cause some people have a problem with it. Jacob doesn’t even have the flag up for the reasons people think. More Independence and less government is what the flag means and that’s why Jacob has the flag up; his freedom of speech. I honestly feel bad for Jacob Green because he was basically bullied for expressing his freedom of speech.


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