JP Graham, Post #7

G.O.P. Maps out Waves of Attacks over Health Law

Jonathan Weisman

November 20, 2013

As many of us have seen in the news so far, The Health Care law supporting Obamacare has been passed. House of Representative Republicans have been getting letters and emails  from fellow Republican citizens complaining about what Obamacare has done to their own insurance, and ultimately their lives. Seeing that this has been an important topic in Congress for a long time, the fact that this was passed is creating an uproar from Republicans across the country. Republicans plan to send “waves of attacks” on this newly passed piece of legislature until they and their fellow Republicans are satisfied.

                Health Care has been a problem in the U.S. since Obama became president. He believes that every American should be able to have health insurance. This plan is focused on charging younger, healthier people more, to cover the people who can’t afford it or the people who are sick. Republicans, who believe that you should be able to make it or break it on your own, think it is unfair to charge people who are succeeding, more than those who are not succeeding. Democrats have a “no person left behind” mentality, so they believe that it is fair to charge successful people more. These have been the views of both parties dating back all the way to the civil war. Republicans are known for not backing down and being hard headed, so this debate or conflict is far from over.


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