Evan Finley Blog Entry #7

Evan Finley Blog Entry #7

Supreme Court won’t block Texas abortion law

Summery: This article is about the new Texas law on abortion that requires doctors to get admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the clinic where they’re providing abortion services. The new law allegedly violates the constitutional rights of women and puts unreasonable demands on doctors who perform abortions. When the supreme court voted on the law they dismissed their ability to be involved and voted not to. Four justices — Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan — dissented the appeal but were outnumbered. Sen. Wendy Davis who is looking to run for governor of Texas next election said this about the bill, “Clinics will close and women’s health will be hurt because of this law. This is an abuse of power by politicians in Austin. I trust women to make their own decisions and will continue to work to make sure that women and mothers are safe and have access to adequate health care.” Rick Perry the governor now cheered the hearing, and with Davis being against it, it creates conflict between two parties in Texas and it will be interesting to see if Texas sticks with their decision. 

Analysis: The voting that occurred int the supreme court shows a lot about how significant their power is to states and human rights, because of their ability to stay involved in the bill passing process in Texas. They voted to not be involved, and four dissented, but this shows the importance of the presidents power to appoint a supreme court justice who will vote a certain way. This example of supreme court power shows the importance of appointing the right officials for the supreme court. Becasue the supreme court decided to not be involved, they have no influence in the bill which, if followed through, can allow a domino affect on abortion law and human rights. This state issue shows a lot about the importance of each individual supreme court leader, and why a President needs to take advantage of designating a candidate who reflects the presidents views, because of the long term affects of the nation.


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