Adam Fenton Blog #7

Adam Fenton Blog #7

Albuquerque Voters Defeat Anti-Abortion Measure


Unit: Judicial

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, voters ruled against a ban of abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Conservatives were relying on this progressive city to help support the anti-abortion movement. The controversial issue was emphatically advertised by political strategists, and the ballot produced record turnouts from voters. It was an important to test to see which way Hispanic voters leaned, as they now make up half of the Albuquerque and New Mexico population. 87,000 votes were cast, 25% of Albuquerque’s registered voters, and 55% favored keeping abortion legal after 20 weeks.

This was an especially important result, as it is a huge counterpunch to the conservative Republicans who tried to push their views. Also, Hispanics are one of the fastest growing populations in America so their vote makes an immense difference. The only two clinics which perform abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy are located in Albuquerque, so the vote affected the entire state, as out-of-towners make up a large majority of the clinic’s patients.


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