Will Brandt Blog Entry #6(?)


Senate Passes Anti-LGBTIABBQ-Discrimination Bill

Senate passed a bill that says employers can’t discriminate based on real or perceived sexual organization, which, while another step forward in creating a truly equal nation, will probably fail miserably the second it hits the House because the House of Representatives is extremely conservative. Also, some people fear it may infringe upon religious liberty because apparently the Bible/Qur’an/Torah/other holy books says you should fire gay people now. Others think that transgendered teachers will confuse students in some fashion. It’s not entirely clear how that makes sense but I’m sure they have their reasons.


As far as I’m concerned, I would like the bill to pass because my mom and my other mom are both lesbians so I would appreciate if  they weren’t fired and/or discriminated against in the future. I fear that it’ll flop once the Tea Party get their grubby little hands on it, though, but fingers crossed.


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