Juliet Zhu, Entry #6


Terry McAuliffe Is Elected Governor of Virginia



   On Tuesday, November 5, McAuliffe was elected as the governor of Virginia. The competition between him and Cuccinelli was pretty tight and McAuliffe lost by only 3% of the vote. Mr. McAuliffe ran as a social liberal and an economic moderate focused on job creation. As for Cuccinelli, a decent conservative, was the first attorney general to sue over President Obama’s health care law. The article lists several reasons why McAuliffe won the election and Cuccinelli did not win. First of all, McAuliffe focused on creating jobs and he really did. Second of all, McAuliffe gained support from voters who dislike Cuccinelli’s strong anti-abortion. Almost every 7 in 10 unmarried women voted for McAuliffe. Third of all, the government shutdown made more voters vote for McAuliffe. The winning of McAuliffe confirms Virginia is leaning to Democratic by Washington suburbs.


    Nowadays, the candidates become more and more polarized. However, voters are still in the middle. It also explained why the result between McAuliffe and Cuccinelli is so closed. Comparing McAuliffe with Cuccinelli, McAuliffe is more moderate. Americans do not want polarized parties. McAuliffe possibly will work well not only with Democrats but also Republicans. President Obama champions McAuliffe after he won the governor of Virginia. As for president, he is not only the leader of the country, he is also the president of the party. Americans need governors like McAuliffe who is moderate and can work with both parties. As an experienced and moderate politician, McAuliffe will lead Virginia to a better future.












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