Daan Ruysschaert #6



After the big Obamacare apology: where things stand

This article talks about President Obama’s apologies to Americans whose health insurance is being canceled over the Affordable Care Act. The president is already working on solutions for those people by doing a website fix so people can shop much easier. Conservative republicans on the other hand want to seek remedies that work without reopening Obamacare legislation in congress because they want to get rid of that law for good. the white house also wants to educate citizens who lost their policy how they can get new affordable policies.

This article according to me shows that all the rumors about the president wanting to take everyone’s insurance away and replace it with a policy he wants everyone to have, shouldn’t be taken for granted. He shows the people that he never wanted to take away everyone’s insurance in the first place and that he just wanted to help the everyone. 

This is mostly about the legislative branch because they decide if the law, in this case Obamacare, comes trough, and now according to me it looks like that isn’t going to happen.


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